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How Can You Make the Most Out of Change?

There is one thing certain in life — change. Change happens internally, externally, in our personal and in our professional lives. We as leaders, visionaries, creative folk, and entrepreneurs are sometimes caught off guard when a change occurs, and, in many cases, we don’t make the necessary shifts or adjustments as a result of that surprise.

People find comfort in consistency and can find change as a scary thing. We enjoy knowing what our roles are, what the work ahead of us is. We like to know that at this ​​time we’re going here, and at that time we’re doing this. We like routine, and when that gets shaken up, we don’t always know how to handle it. However, whether we want it to or not, change is going to happen. Sometimes we can see cues and signs that things are about to shift, and at other times change just comes upon us, and we need to adjust. So, how can we prepare for the inevitable?

"When the winds of change blow, some people build walls and others build windmills" —Chinese Proverb

It is our responsibility as leaders, as creative folk, as entrepreneurs to take this unique opportunity to be ready for change. Those of us who can recognize, embrace and accept change are the ones who are able to thrive. They’re able to create a process that works best for them to maximize the change.

“The wise adapt themselves to circumstances, as water molds itself to the pitcher” — Chinese Proverb

The first thing you can do to prepare yourself for change is to embrace it in your mind. Think about how you handle change, how you react to it and ask yourself what kind of mindset do you need to adapt. When you can accept change in your mind as an opportunity, you can maximize your unique situation to improve your business or take your team to the next level. You can train yourself to be proactive instead of reactive. You can’t always control what goes on around you, but you do have the power to control how you handle the changes.

Once you’ve adopted the mindset that change is an opportunity and not a setback, take some time to reflect on yourself as a leader, as an entrepreneur, as a creative person and put some structures in place that align with your particular style. Get yourself prepared to handle changes, big or small, and be willing to adapt and adjust as you go along. Being flexible will set you up for success through the process of change.

Be mindful. Be present. Be alert. Be aware. When you’re going through the process of change, you are growing, learning, evolving. Change requires us to stretch, to rethink how we’re going to approach some things, but if you prepare with the right type of mindset ahead of time and have a plan already laid out, you can handle it! Just remember to enjoy the process as you go along and follow these simple steps:

  • Start in the mind. Embrace change as an opportunity.

  • Put structures and strategies in place to help you navigate change.

  • Be willing to adapt and adjust as things move along.

You can thrive in change if you choose! You can own the process. You can create the environment and structures necessary for you to be successful. Just take a moment to pause and do a little bit of reflecting, assessing and planning out. You won’t always know what the change is going to be or when it is going to happen, but if you prepare yourself ahead of time, you can maximize the situation to take on new levels of success.

And remember…

God has handled every single detail of your life. Because you know this, be encouraged to move forward in the things you believe you were designed and created to do. Don’t worry, don’t fret, don’t fear. Use that fear to catapult into stronger faith because that’s what you need to begin to manifest those things that God has intended for your life. God has planned and positioned you for the process of change, but it’s your responsibility to look at what the opportunities and circumstances are.

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