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Butterfly Catalyst partners with you or your organization to assess challenges, propose solutions, forecast consequences, implement action plans and evaluate outcomes through coaching, training and support services. We help you buy back time. Please get in touch with the clients below to learn how I have supported them.


"As the new owner of a Wellness Studio in mid-town Baltimore, I was in dire need of objective analysis and strategies to help me operate with style, energy and focus. The insight provided by Butterfly Catalyst has helped me to proactively direct my time, resources, and events. ”
Kim McDaniel, Owner | The RejuveNation Spot


"It's about shaping tomorrow's leaders. Butterfly Catalyst coaching service helped cultivate the leadership skills I didn't realize I possessed. It helped me reorganize my business, and understand how to use my own resources to make my vision manifest!"
DeAnne Clark, Owner | Design for Purpose


"As an artist, it's sometimes challenging for me to focus on completing creative tasks while managing administrative demands. Butterfly Catalyst helped me organize and maintain my client communication and business process so I could focus on my passion!"
Tamika P, Owner | Tamika Patrice

Lead Catalyst, Dr. Sophia Rudisill Holmes


Friday, November 15, 2013, my Butterfly Catalyst effect happened—in that moment, everything I believed in was challenged. My belief in honestly working hard with integrity to advocate for access and opportunity would be in question. Although I had begun birthing Butterfly Catalyst two years prior, it was not until that moment that it became urgent to exist. I have always believed that leaders could be developed and opportunities could be seized— but the most significant gift in growth is the process, which happens best with support. That is the moment that I decided that moving forward, I would facilitate the growth trajectory of individuals through Butterfly Catalyst.

I have met one-on-one with advisees for over two decades, assessing the climate of their entity. During our time together, we would establish the starting point, then determine their goal(s) and partner to create an actionable plan. 

Over 5000 advisees later, I have learned that the potential for leaders to develop and excel directly connects with securing access and opportunities. In fact, leaders can thrive in any organizational culture with the appropriate tools we offer at Butterfly Catalyst through our coaching, training, and support services.  

Why I started Butterfly Catalyst...I am passionate about creating environments that position leaders to thrive and excel. I learned early in life that your background, current circumstances, and perceived future could not limit your potential to walk in your purpose. Once you understand your design and put in the work to develop, then eventually, you will access resources that position you for opportunities and a connection with destiny. 

I am here to partner with your vision to ensure that you strategically maximize your opportunities and forge through every barrier to achieving your desired outcome. As the lead catalyst for Butterfly Catalyst with a background in the entertainment industry, performing arts, nonprofit management, and coaching, I bring many solutions paired with a creative approach to support leaders and their bottom line. 

I look forward to partnering with you soon! 

-Dr. Rudi

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